Why YungPoints?

Top 5 reasons to integrate:

(1) App Store Policy Compliance

YungPoints provides technical workarounds that allow for CPE offers on iOS, which are usually prohibited by Apple's guidelines. Although publishers can eliminate any perceived risk by blocking these high-paying CPE offers on iOS.

(2) Offers that Increase Retention 🥇

Advanced algorithms to deliver the right offer at the right time, based on the user's preferences and behavior. YungPoints works with leading advertisers to provide high-quality and high-paying offers for app users.

(3) Robust Technology 🔨

A flexible and easy-to-use API that allows app developers to customize the offer experience and integrate it seamlessly with their app. We utilize Machine Learning for offer ranking as well as fraud protection.

(4) 24/7 User Support 🏣

We handle any questions from your users. If reward tracking or postback ever fails, your users submit screenshots that we forward to the advertiser to get your users the payouts they deserve.

(5) Painless Integration 👍

No SDK integration or maintenance. We use a direct link so the offer wall loads in the browser. All future app updates will pass right through with no extra work required from your tech team.

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